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There really are snakes in Berkeley

By kbender
Friday, June 20th, 2008 at 2:01 pm in Uncategorized.

This snake was found in Berkeley last week This 6-foot boa constrictor was trying to stay warm when a man found her curled on a pile of dirt at Aquatic Park last Friday. He didn’t want to pull the snake from the dirt so he rushed to Berkeley Animal Care Services where snake expert April Stevenson was just closing up for the day.

“I was really excited because I like snakes,” Stevenson told me. With the help of the folks at the East Bay Vivarium it was determined that the snake had an upper respiratory infection, mouth rot and an unknown mass on the lower end of her long body. Injections of antibiotics were started and everyone did their best to keep the snake warm so she could fight the infection. They even named the non-venemus snake_ Antoinette.

Stevenson, who knows a thing or two about snakes and has three of her own, said she believe the Colombian red tale boa was someone’s pet.

“Someone probably dumped it at Aquatic Park. It was doing the best it could, hoping the sun could keep it warm enough,” she said, adding that she believes the snake had been there about a week.

 In any case, the Berkeley animal shelter will keep her for at least another week and then possibly put her up for adoption. “I’m considering taking her,” said Stevenson.  Want more information? Call the Berkeley Animal Care Services at 981-6600.  

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