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The monster sighted

By awoodall
Monday, June 30th, 2008 at 3:18 pm in Uncategorized.

The monster of Lake Merritt, still unnamedLadies and gentlemen, thank you for the outpouring of ideas and name suggestions for the Lake Merritt monster. We’ve had a breakthrough in the meantime from a Lake Merritt specialist:

“We are very pleased that the Oakland Tribune has finally acknowledged the existence of the Oak-Ness Monster. Those of us who frequent the lake every day have known about this beast for several years. For more details and photos of the monster, see the November and December, 2006 issues of “Tidings” the newsletter of the Lake Merritt Institute. Just go to www.lakemerrittinstitute.org; click on Help LMI, then on Newsletter Archives. Click on the November and December 2006 issues and they will appear in .pdf format. I have attached a photo of the monster as it was last seen in 2006. We also have video of it, showing it rising from the depths, disappearing, rising, and going down again. Yes, it does move. We tried to get the city council interested in passing a resolution to protect it (resolution available upon request) but had no response. Other jurisdictions have promoted their monsters, but, sadly, not in Oakland.”

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