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I guess she didn’t like the story…

By awoodall
Monday, July 21st, 2008 at 11:38 am in Night Owl.

A member of the Bellevue social club was most unhappy with a story I wrote a few weeks ago about the aging belle by the lake. You can read the story here and her e-mail here…Angela: 
     You had some very unkind and ungenerous things to say about  the Bellevue Club in your recent column and contradicted yourself when you repeatedly said all the members were old and then commented on several  younger members.   WE do have both.
    It is unclear whether you were trying to be funny at the club’s expense, or just attacking the business.   Perhaps you are  too young to appreciate a place  where everyone knows your name and provides  a social life for people whose work life is so intense and demanding they have no time  left  to have a social life.  Without clubs, life for a lot of people would be a lot lonelier.   
    And why would you quote former Sheriff Plummer who swore we would be closed in early 2007 and did his best to make it happen before he resigned when he retired at that time?
    You failed to mention that the BV is the LAST social club in Oakland ( all of the men’s clubs have folded)  and that the determined band of members has kept it open with expanded  and improved services and events for members and the community.   Last year the club had the first-ever gathering of all of the chairtiable organizations around the lake, an event open to the public.  The building hostes many other events that are open to the public as well.
    Further, even though you did not see them, we have members of every color, race, religion and sexual orientation,  or are open to welcoming  them if they apply
    You were right that “it’s not your grandmother’s bridge & lunch club” because we do not want it that way.  We are doing our best to keep the best of the old traditions while forging a new path for the future.  
    We hope you will return again  and consider the larger picture.

Susan L. Jeffries, J.D, Ll.M.(tax)

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