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Oakland’s signature cocktail

By awoodall
Friday, August 8th, 2008 at 10:21 am in Night Owl.

I got some angry and useful e-mails in response to today’s story about finding Oakland’s signature cocktail. Daniel Schulman wrote that Oakland already has one — the Mai Tai. One of the most famous cocktails in the world was invented at Trader Vic’s on San Pablo Avenue, he said. Excellent! But I think we need a signature drink, a cocktail created for Oakland today.
Mark Nelson was upset that I did not talk about drunk driving in the story, that he said was in poor taste anyway because of the timing…“I am a little disappointed with the above story. Would have it hurt to add a few lines about responsible drinking and driving? You made no mention of that, no mention of the designated driver system, no mention of how potent some of these “cocktails” can be, and no mention about knowing your limits when you take even one drink and then you drive.
While it might be best to be drunk while driving in Oakland, I want to be sober as I pass through the some of the areas mentioned in your article. However, no way am I going to go into the International ” The Kill Zone” Blvd. or West “The Dead Zone” Oakland. Do you really think that a “signature drink” is what ails Oakland? With the ongoing violence, car jackings etc? To have an flippant article about drinking in light of the the young man killed by OPD who, apparently under the influnce, tried to flee from the police is really in bad taste. I am not against drinking but it has to weighed against the costs to society and to the safety of the driving public. As you know there are nations that have a ZERO tolerance with regards to drinking and driving.  Maybe the timing of your article wasn’t right. I am not sure. I hope that you can see my point.”

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2 Responses to “Oakland’s signature cocktail”

  1. dto510 Says:

    Verbena has the Lake Merritt-tini on their cocktail menu. It’s a dirty martini.

  2. jim smith Says:

    it is exactly because Oakland is known for all the wrong reasons that the mai tai campaign, started by Oaklands best tiki bar, the conga lounge- is relevant ! the mai tai is an Oakland original and frankly I am surprised that Oakland has yet to recognize it .Oakland should be proud of it’s heritage. calling out to all citizens of Oakland, let’s help the conga lounge in their campaign. make it official – city of Oakland

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