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The Ike & Tina and other journeys

By awoodall
Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 at 4:50 pm in Night Owl.

Here are some cocktail concoctions I ran across while looking for Oakland’s signature cocktail, a quest that will continue in Sept.  They are kind of outtakes that I couldn’t fit in the column.
Veteran bartender Nichole Watson explained the “Ike & Tina,” a drink she said is popular in West Oakland. Combine 1800 Silver tequila, Triple Sec, Apple Pucker, Sweet ‘n Sour liquor and Blue Curacao. “The Ike and Tina,” she Watson said, “mean somebody might get in trouble.” In East Oakland, which is where Apt. C and thus we were located — patrons are popularizing the “Incredible Hulk,” made with Hypnotic and Hennessey.  The Hypnotic turns the drink green when it’s mixed.
The “59 Tangy,” a North Oakland favorite is made with Seagrams and Apple Twisted (I think this is a Smirnoff product) with gin and lime juice. I’m not sure if I wrote the recipe correctly. Sounds mightly strong.

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