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Takeover No. 10 strikes Friday night

By awoodall
Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 at 7:51 pm in Night Owl.

 Not 24 hours had past since I finished a story about the Rockridge Pasta Pomodoro holdup when robbers strucks again Friday night (after my shift), bringing the toll of restaurant robberies to ten. This time they hit the Nomad Cafe on Shattuck near the Berkeley/Oakland border — while Rockridge residents were strolling down College Avenue in a community protest against crime.
There’s plenty to write about than restaurant robberies, especially since I wrote a follow-up already in June after things seemed to settle down after the first spate of restaurant hold-ups in April.
But the Chronicle’s article Wednesday about the Rockridge robbery was so far from reality I had to jump in. According to the reporter, restauranteurs and patrons were shaking in their expensive boots. Some of those same fear-stricken people complained they were misquoted and that reporter popped in during the morning and left. If he had stayed he would have seen people spilling out of the restaurants and bars, waiting for tables or just chatting.

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