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Sexy, lurid, desperate underground folk tales

By awoodall
Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 at 2:54 pm in Night Owl.

ROB NILSSON’S 9@NITE SERIES comes to The Cerrito Speakeasy: SCHEME C6, featuring Will the Thrill’s wife and Tiki Goddess of Thrillville MONICA CORTES VIHARO in a gritty, sexy, guerilla-style urban folk tale about a tough, homeless biker (Cory Duvall) and his feisty babe (Monica) amid San Francisco’s lurid, desperate underground. Very much in the tradition of John Cassavetes, but with its own unique, hard-hitting, uncompromising, and contemporary vision of Life on the Fringe. Monica and several of the cast, plus director Rob Nilsson (“Chalk” “Signal 7″ “Heat and Sunlight”) will be in attendance.
(NOTE: 2 other films in the 9@Nite series, STROKE and GO TOGETHER, both starring Will the Thrill’s pop Robert Viharo, the latter filmed at the Parkway, will show at the Parkway the following Sunday, September 7, see next newsletter or check web site for more details.)

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