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The Black August Organizing Committee

By awoodall
Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 at 7:06 pm in Night Owl.

WHAT: 2008 “The Original” Black August: Save Our Children featuring workshops, food and music with Ise Lyfe, the Caribbean All Stars, Naru, Warrior Woman, Emory Douglas, Antithesis Master Drummer Tacuma King, Nappy Tongues and many more… 

WHERE: East Oakland Youth Development Center, 8200 International Blvd., Oakland CA 94621

WHEN:  12-8 p.m. Saturday and 12-10 p.m. Sunday
Black August began twenty-nine years ago to honor fallen brothers George Jackson, John Jackson, William Christmas, James McClain and Khatari Gaulden. 
For the entire month of August, emphasis is placed on sacrifice, fortitude and discipline. Observers, inside the prisons and out, fast, train their bodies and minds and are visibly active in the community. 

The Black August Organizing Committee (BAOC) is a community-based organization  that was founded 29 years ago. We work to free Political Prisoners, Prisoners of War and Prisoners of Conscious. The BAOC actively maintains a community awareness of and involvement in the legal, medical and social issues affecting prisoners in general and politically conscious prisoners in particular. Additionally the BAOC strives to provide healthy alternatives for our youth in the streets and intervene where we can to prevent their entrance into the prison industrial complex.




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3 Responses to “The Black August Organizing Committee”

  1. Eric B. Says:

    I would love to go to this. These kinds of events are what I love about living in Oakland!

  2. Monique R. King Says:

    The SON of Jeffrey’Khatari’Gaulden, Jeffrey Gaulden,Jr. is currently incarcerated in New Folsom prison. He was sentenced to 15 years to life + 2 years back in the early 1990’s.
    He has been denied parole every time he went to the parole board. Thus his 3 children KeQuanis Gaulden 18, Serinity Gaulden 18, and his SON Michael Gaulden 17, are growing up without their father. Just as he, Jeffrey Gaulden, Jr., grew up without his.
    I AM the mother of KeQuanis & Michael Gaulden. KeQuanis is a business major at SDSU. Michael is in his senior year of High School at S.D. High-Business. He is also a business major. Both are honor role
    Hopefully Jeffrey Gaulden, Jr. will one day be released to see his children graduate college, marry, and have their own families/children.

  3. Ernest Gaulden Sr. Says:

    my name is Ernest Lee Gaulden Sr. i”m the youngest son of Jeffery Khatari Gaulden. and i’ve never had the opportunity to touch my dad that i can remember i went to see my dad in prison when i was 9 years old and we had to sit behind this thick glass window that’s the last memory i have of my father. when i got older i wrote to the to the prison to see if icould get a copy of his file and i was denied, they told me that i was not his next of kin now i thought that was pretty odd but it made me wonder what my dad was all about and i can’t get any information. so if there is anybody out there that can tell me anything about jeffery patrick gaulden sr. i would love to here from you.

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