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Art & Soul-land

By awoodall
Sunday, August 31st, 2008 at 9:10 am in Night Owl, Old Oakland.

cherried-out Chevy at FIVEten Gallery show9th Street between Washington and Broadway exploded last night in a show of cherried-out Chevrolets, tricked-out bikes, pumping Hip-hop and crowds of young and old folks outside FIVEten Studio. The occasion was the closing of a gallery show there, a photog by the name of Deandre said. I don’t know how to spell his name but am hoping he will send some photos to do justice here to the scene Saturday night that I stumbled across on my day to B’s to catch up on some reading and talk politics with the restaurant’s best bartender (IMHO). It was the perfect cap to a long day of Art & Soul that Zoe and I partook of. We only stayed a few hours (busy day), long enough to see some righteous dance from this city’s studios: Dance-A-Vision, New World Motherlode, Sparkle, Imani’s Dream, Afta Shock, Mighty Shock and (what else) Future Shock. We walked the isles of food and craft booths, listened to the Wombats (catchy), grooved to Las Rakas and left after checking in with Agua Libre (fka OMaya). Oh, lest I forget, I ran into Joyce Gordon at her gallery on 14th Saturday afternoon. She was bleary-eyed after an opening party Friday night for her new show that features graffiti. She asked me if I had seen it. No, I hadn’t and didn’t manage to swing by yesterday and I can’t find info about it on the Web site. So we’ll all just have to check it out ourselves. And if you’re checking things out, I recommend strolling down 13th Street from Lake Merritt to Broadway. That is one beautiful street, lined with Oakland’s Beaux-Arts brick buildings, like the post office/custom house and the old Hotel Oakland, that look like they are carved out of smooth buttercream frosting. So I guess yesterday was a pretty good Oaktown kind of day.

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  1. Chip Says:

    I couldn’t make it. But with that warm weather, Art & Soul must have been incredible this weekend.

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