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Brand New: Miss Pearl’s Jam House

By awoodall
Monday, September 1st, 2008 at 8:12 pm in Night Owl, restaurants.

Miss Pearl's Jam House entrance

Anyone notice the former Jack’s Bistro down on Jack London Square is finally open? Gone is the lovely pastel mural of Jack’s Bistro. But Miss Pearl’s Jam House (as in music or confiture?) looks inviting if you go for faux Caribbean island finery, as you can see from this snap (no, that’s not my image reflected in the mirror).
I heard the owners sunk big bucks into fixing things up but there wasn’t enough time for me to check it out today. Plenty of others were though and enjoying the new green spot in front that is lined with five rows of palm trees, each row five trees long in front of the restaurant.
Anyway, there isn’t much out there yet about Miss Pearl’s since it opened Wednesday, especially if you’re like me and didn’t experience the original version of the little lady, but here is a snippet from the OaklandWire via SF Eater:Michael Brennan (La Table, Domaine Chandon, Cortez) is creating the look and feel of Miss Pearl’s Jam House – reminiscent of a grand mansion located on a tropical island … Expect to find abalone shell walls with LED backlighting, recycled glass and heavy, rich fabrics, shell chairs covered in pearl essence, and reconditioned light fixtures with various brass instrument bases.
Ceiling fans wave breezily through the space, above a herringbone floor, and a bar-top that makes you feel as though you’re looking down onto the ocean floor with a clear resin base that gives way to sunken treasure of sparkling jewels, shells, and antique trinkets.
The space will also include a raw bar, rotisserie and wood oven, with the “island cuisine” menu influenced by Altman’s ’80s version. There will 100 seats in the dining room, and assuming our math is correct, 330 seats total between the various bars, patios and lounges, so the new Miss Pearl’s should either be very impressive or a Disneyland spectacle; either way, we’re looking forward to watching. Oh, and if that weren’t enough to grab your attention, Jell-O shots are involved too.

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