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Rock the Vote Bus Wednesday at the Uptown

By awoodall
Sunday, September 7th, 2008 at 5:11 pm in Uptown.

Wednesday at the Uptown nightclub, The Rock the Vote Bus will be joining the Circo Rocktastico Tour to help reinforce the need for Young Latino Music Fans to vote in November. The Bus will be a fun interactive experience open to the public before & after shows with Voter Registration Bays, Guitar Hero Games, Photo Booth , PSA Recording Booth and Free Mobile Music Downloads. What theĀ  hell is the Circo Rocktastico Tour?
Monte Negro
has joined forces with two other California-based alternative rock bands (Astra Heights, The May Fire) and MTV Tr3s to bring their diverse takes on the burgeoning Latin alternative scene to the West and Midwest for six weeks in August and September. Circo Rocktastico is the tour designed to show the natural unity of the American and Latino Indie cultures and how both influence and flow together so well, especially in a globalized world.
The Uptown nightclub is located 1928 Telegraph. The telephone # is (510) 451-8100.

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