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By awoodall
Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 at 6:14 am in Night Owl, Oakland nightlife, Uptown.

That’s what they all say. But the article about the “party police” cracking down on DJs and dancing in cabarets w/out a license got a lot of attention. KTVU pulled the entire story straight from the paper, including an error in the headline introduced by an editor that the clubs were being fined (not true). The East Bay Express wrote that the Labor Day sweep sent “club maven Angela Woodall in a tizzy.” Anyone who read the article would say tizzy is a wild exaggeration. But now I know how it feels to be on the other side of the reporter’s notebook. Anyway, the Express also picked up on my story for today’s paper about a similar crackdown on big bashes involving biker clubs. Members of the East Bay Dragons, the Syndicate MG, Shadows, etc are going to ask City Councilmembers tonight to work with them on easing a requirement to obtain special permits for parties that draw big crowds. I’m talking 700+. Although the wording is not specific to biker groups, it targets them. Part of it is because they were holding these big parties downtown near newly built condos that didn’t fit with the entertainment district the city is envisioning. Loud pipes being revved and music blaring doesn’t quite work. But part of the problem is probably that a thousand or more black bikers riding through downtown makes those condo keepers a bit nervous, even though there were few incidents among all the parties this summer. Anyway, stay tuned for more of the story of Oakland shooting itself in the entertainment foot. The message is: Keep your good times outta sight and outta mind from the city officials and OPD. And make sure your permits are polished.

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