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Tattoo You, but not too much

By awoodall
Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 at 6:32 am in Night Owl.

Speaking of crackdowns, the City Council will vote tonight (Sept. 16) whether to put a temporary, emergency and immediate freeze on the number of tattoo and piercing parlors. It’s their first day back on the job after summer break but evidently the vote could not wait. The city wants to create an inspection procedure to make sure the shops are not a public health hazard. It’s true the tattoo laws are lax compared to other cities and states, according to an interview with Matt Decker in SWEE(t)art. He  opened the latest shop, Premium, and said members of the tattoo community here police each other watch out for untrained artists. I don’t know if that goes for the shops out of the downtown area. Well, we’ll find out what the story is tonight.

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