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From the dept of plutocracy

By awoodall
Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 2:29 pm in Uncategorized.

From UpSurge: “Let’s get the bad news over with: Because we always try to make our gigs as affordable for you as possible and because we’ve charged $10 for Sunday shows at Anna’s Jazz Island we mistakenly listed $10 as the cover for this Saturday’s show. It should have been $14.

“This error has created understandable but unwanted tension between the venue and us. The four-dollar difference in cover charges means approximately $400 difference for the venue. We are sensitive to the venue’s monetary needs (i.e. bartenders, waitresses, utilities, licenses, fees, etc.) especially in these recession-ridden times. We’re also sensitive to your concerns (gas, parking, etc.) and hope the additional $4 won’t be a deal-breaker for you. 

“We want Anna’s Jazz Island, voted Best Bay Area Jazz Club that’s not Yoshi’s and the country’s first certified Green Jazz Club,to survive and thrive. There’s a much too long and growing list of venues that are now only distant memories.  The list is topped by venues we had our first and second CD release celebrations at, Mr E’s (Berkeley) and Club Jazz Nouveau (SF). The list also includes Jazz at Pearl’s, Kimball’s, Kimball’s East, Bluesville, Mingles, Sweet Jimmie’s and many, many others. Support Anna’s Jazz Island and support UpSurge!

 It’s a shame we have to sweat $4 and $400. Especially when politicians who operate U.S. government in behalf of the fat cats just handed Wall Street gangs $700 billion of our taxes. These plutocrats who own the banks, offices, plants, factories, fields and mines our livelihoods depend on pour $400 glasses of wine without second thoughts. Warren Buffett, for example, just shelled out $5 billion one week to shore up the Goldman Sachs gang and then turned around the following week and tossed out another $3 billion for a piece of GE gang!

Enough on the plutocracy. Support Anna’s Jazz Island and support UpSurge!” 

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