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Will the real founder of the festival please stand up?

By awoodall
Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 2:46 pm in Night Owl.

Stephan Tompkins called The Trib today to voice his opposition to the Night Owl column today about the Oakland International Film Festival opening.  Tompkins said he was THE founding  member, not David Roach who I interviewed for the story (I’ll find out what the story is later). Tompkins called the festival a failure even though it continues every year and said he will be out protesting in front of theater tonight at 5 p.m. Hey, that’s great. A one-man performance piece to entertain the people waiting in line. Not that there are hoardes storming the Grand Lake Theater to see the festival. The marquee doesn’t even have a sign up there is a festival playing. I don’t know what defines a failure. The festival is in its 7th year. I agree that it could slicker and better organized and slough off some of the hot-air blimps hovering on the periphery. But there are some good films included that push the festival’s origins, which sprang from a lack of venues for black filmmakers in the Bay Area. I think the organizers need a PR wizard and someone with a plan. Maybe Tompkins when he’s done picketing?

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