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Nancy’s Zen

By cburt
Friday, October 17th, 2008 at 8:17 pm in Uncategorized.

Ever wondered how West Oakland’s council representative stays so mellow? Check out the story in Saturday’s Trib about Nancy Nadel’s zen-like dive into chocolate making.

Yum! I could think of worse ways to forget about the city budget mess. She launched the Oakland Chocolate Company to help poor farmers in Jamaica (where she vacations every summer) form a fair trade cooperative to get better prices for their cacao crops. She’s going to use the beans for her chocolate once they get it all set up.

In the meantime she’s spending her Sundays dipping and molding, using beans mostly from Venezuela. So crank up the reggae, mon, Nancy’s in the house. Check out her chocolate website: http://www.theoaklandchocolateco.com.

You can watch the slideshow here. Read my story here.

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