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Be a Honda star today

By awoodall
Saturday, October 18th, 2008 at 12:26 pm in Uncategorized.

Honda is filming yet another commercial in Oakland today outside of Lafayette Square, on Jefferson and 10th. Forget about parking until it’s over, though.

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5 Responses to “Be a Honda star today”

  1. gwen Says:

    Jefferson Square is at Jefferson/MLK/7th/8th; Lafayette Square/Old Man’s Park/Wino Park is at Jefferson/MLK/10th/11th. Confusing but true!

  2. Angela Woodall Says:

    Ah yes. Duly noted and corrected. Thank you for the correction. They were out until past dark filming the commercial, complete with Christmas trees strung with red and green lights. It was a winter wonderland in October in our backyard complements of a car maker I can’t afford to buy from :)

  3. gwen Says:

    Sounds fun, we used to live right across the street and it seems like they’ve been using that spot non-stop since they redid the park awhile back…

  4. dto510 Says:

    I wish they left the Christmas lights! It was pretty. Also, the Federal Building was floodlit, I guess for the background, it also looked nice.

  5. Angela Woodall Says:

    Definitely. It was a glimpse of what that square could look like and how much more inviting it would be with a little makeup. I wonder how hard it would be to get permission to string outdoor white lights up in the trees. I LOVE sitting in parks — I practically grew up in Washington Square and Union Square parks in SF — but Saturday was the first time I went to Lafayette Square. The drinkers/homeless/drug addicts don’t deter me, although the loudly raving woman Saturday was annoying. There is just something off. I suspect it has to do with the lack of variety of businesses (lovely as some of them are, they are few while housing is monolithic) surrounding the square and its unappealing borders, which would be better if we had some lovely trees, shrubs, lights like Bryant Park in NY. Lafayette Square just doesn’t beckon to passersby.

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