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Community block grants

By cburt
Friday, October 24th, 2008 at 7:02 pm in Uncategorized.

Well, did I ever get an earful from a few readers about the use of Community Development Block Grants, basically a pot of money that’s split up among  Oakland’s council districts every year.

West Oakland councilmember Nancy Nadel decided to use all of her district’s portion – $300,000 – for the teen center she’s trying to open in the Hoover neighborhood.

I wasn’t there, but I hear it got ugly after Nadel made that announcement at the meeting held to elect the West Oakland CDBG board that will oversee distribution of the funds. Seems most of the people who were there for the election, including Sean Sullivan, Nadel’s opponent in the June council race, and Oakland blogger V Smoothe didn’t like idea one bit, and made sure she knew it.

They also aren’t happy about Nadel’s compromise… she’s still going to put $100,000 of the CDBG pot toward the teen center and leave $200,000 to be divided how the board sees fit.

According to her staff, she has the authority to do that. The CDBG board has a lot of new faces, including Sullivan, so it should be interesting!

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One Response to “Community block grants”

  1. Max Allstadt Says:

    Um… Sean and V were actually some of the least vocal people in that CDBG meeting. And if you’re going to try to suggest that any of the outrage at that meeting was political, you might consider including Greg and Jemoke Hodge among the political figures who were seen lambasting Nadel.

    The vast majority of dissent had nothing to do with politics. The entire community felt disenfranchised, and they let Nadel know. It was almost embarrassing to watch her crash and burn like that.

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