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West Oakland Teen Center gets $500K

By cburt
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 at 6:37 pm in Uncategorized.

On Tuesday, the city’s Community and Economic Development Committee voted 3-0 to spend $500,000 in West Oakland Redevelopment monies on design and rehab work on Nancy Nadel’s future teen center in the Hoover/Foster neighborhood.

The money comes from the pot the Redevelopment Agency budgeted for new teen centers in each council district back in 2007. With the council’s approval, Nadel bought the building last October for $850,000 plus closing costs by using her council office pay-go funds. There are no identified sources of funding for operating the center, but it will be a long while before the building is habitable anyway.

Given the opposition to the project, I’m surprised no one showed up at the CEDA meeting to speak about it. They’ll have another chance when the item is up for public hearing before the full city council on Nov. 4.

A bunch of folks are PO’d that Nadel tried to steer $300K in community block grant funds to the center. She said she still intends to use $100K of it for the center, and I’ve heard they don’t like that idea either. (see previous post).

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2 Responses to “West Oakland Teen Center gets $500K”

  1. The Newhotfire Says:

    This is definately a positive step for Oakland!


  2. Max Allstadt Says:

    Ultimately, Ms. Burt, what I don’t like is that Ms. Nadel is looting public coffers for a project that seems to be heavily motivated by her desire for a legacy. If Ms. Nadel was a deft fundraiser, and if this project had a coherent vision, she would be able to raise private funds.

    Sean Sullivan raised over 5 million dollars of private funds for a teen center in Jack London Square. I believe he was being paid less than 100k a year at the time. If Ms. Nadel took $100k of her paygo money and hired a full time fundraiser for district 3, she would be able to leave taxpayer money alone.

    By the way, why all the praise on your blog for Nadel projects that have lots of vocal online critics? It’s almost one for one.

    Nadel backs Mandela foods. Mandela foods lags pathetically. People complain. Nadel is embarrassed. Cecily puts up a positive post.

    Nadel makes chocolates and calls it a business. 200 chocolates, one day a week, even if sold at $2 a piece would gross $400 bucks. After costs, this is a hobby, not a business. Cecily prints a positive story.

    CDBG meeting proves to be an epic fiasco for Nadel. Humiliating. Caught on tape. Cecily prints a story which dumbs down the abject failure of leadership at that meeting and focuses on a teen center project, with a decidedly pro-Nadel spin.

    Can we expect more of the same? For how long?

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