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When is a park public art

By awoodall
Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 at 3:08 pm in Night Owl.

In the midst of all the hoopla about the arts last week, I ran across an article by the Chron’s art critic Kenneth Baker that offers a thoughtful look at public art, something I only touched on in a story about the city’s plans. What public art is can vary so widely and we often don’t even realize we’re seeing it. Sometimes it’s all too painfully obvious. But the point is that it can be controversial or help recreate a public space, or it can be conventional — small thinking writ large, as one commenter put it.  Oakland has some plans for some projects that are both imaginiative and modern without being overly cerebral. (I will get some photos up here but right now I’m on deadline for something else.)
Anyway, speaking of money and the arts, here is an update from the folks who pull the purse strings: Thank you to all who have written and called during the past few days regarding the future of the Cultural Funding Program and staff.  I want to fill you in on the decisions that have been made regarding these two issues… Staff: The Cultural Funding Program will continue with Kathy Littles as Coordinator and Jason Jong as Assistant Coordinator.  Starting Monday, November 17, staff will go to part-time status; our work days will be Monday, Thursday and Friday. 
2009-2010 Applications: All applications for the 09-10 Individual Artist Project, Organization Project and Art in the Schools are due in January…For more info…

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