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Election night owl

By awoodall
Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 at 6:40 pm in Old Oakland.

First of all, if you are reading this on election night STOP and go join the living at some of the local parties. Everett and Jones barbecue, for starters, has Second Street at Broadway blocked off. In the place of cars is a band that was warming up with some loud drums. Beware, however: the parking is tight down there. Walk, bus or taxi if you can (the only cab company number I know is 536-3000. If you read my blog earlier about this city’s taxi service you’ll understand). Even Sacret Heart tattoo parlor on Broadway and 7th is getting into the spirit. One of the artists did an “Obama ’08” tat a few months ago on someone’s back. They offered to do one on the spot for me tonight but I’m working until 11:30.  This is definitely Obama territory, although I overheard a woman passing by saying “He’s not a hero. He’s just a politician.” She must be from out of town. Anyway, aside from the Marriott’s party, the Washington Inn on 10th and Washington is expecting a crowd as is nearby B Restaurant and Bar. Levende across the street is offering drink specials in honor of the occasion: Two for one drinks with your “I voted” sticker or ballot receipt up to $20. But don’t fret. Levende also has happy hour drink prices.

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