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From the dept. of nightlife

By awoodall
Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 at 10:40 am in Fun Stuff to do in Oakland, Night Owl, Oakland nightlife, restaurants.

Oh Oaklanders, we are about to yet more nightlife in coming months. First, the owners of B Restaurant and Bar, Air lounge and FIVEten Studio are collaborating on a split-level art bar and gallery, ERA. Patrons will want to get out on the dancefloor because of the DJs who will spinning — some of them big-name hot shots.  Era is going to be slick enough to give San Francisco a run for its money, according to Kevin, co-founder of B. It also will be a welcome addition when it opens around January to the Broadway/Grand interesection just across the street at 19 and 21 Grand from Luka’s, Ozumo, Vo’s and the galleries, plus the new Bakesale Betty’s store. Not too far away, near the SEARS building on Telegraph is AVE, where the old Bear Cave is.

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6 Responses to “From the dept. of nightlife”

  1. Deb L Says:

    Wow – Bakesale Betty is moving downtown. Who knew? Now I can have her yummy baked goods for breakfast and lunch.

  2. So much to do, so little boat parking « The DTO Says:

    […] arts are flourishing in Uptown. Partners from B Restaurant, Fiveten Studio, and Levende East are planning a multi-level dance club in the block of historic storefronts including 21 Grand, once home to Industrielle, a mattress […]

  3. Al Sargis Says:

    The entertainment industry should get it’s priorities right. What Oaktown needs is a good–or bad–blues club. I mean a full-time blues club, not one that plays blues and other music, or just blues now and then. It’s a shame when Eli’s closed. The Bay Area Blues Society should find someone to get a blues club going. Hell, I went to Sacramento–not exactly a center of “west coast blues”–and they have full-time, every night live blues bands. All the downtown-uptown new stuff for the gentrifiers and S.F. and suburban lurkers is fine, but what about something that’s traditional for Oakland? Think out of the box, like what about a combo blues and country music club? That would get both Oaktown and ex-Oaktown folks into downtown-uptown and all-around town. Maybe a blues club is not within the demographic that attends the summer outdoors blues performances or the Art and Soul 3 days of blues performances. But maybe not.

  4. Angela Woodall Says:

    Yeah, I’m with you but I think the city has some narrow demographics in mind for its downtown entertainment district. I might be wrong, however. Do you think the crowds would be big enough to sustain a blues club?

  5. J. Stanton Says:

    Dance clubs will attract hoods and cruising and profiling. In all the great recent news about Uptown, this is a downer.

  6. Angela Woodall Says:

    Why would Era attract hoods, cruising and profiling? What kind of dance club are you imagining? You have to give me some facts to go on. Luka’s and the Uptown — sort of similar to what Era would be — have dancing and don’t seem to attract any of the above.
    I think it will enhance Ozumo, the galleries, the upcoming Mua lounge, Luka’s and the other places + the Uptown district.

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