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Shop the O

By awoodall
Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 11:44 pm in Uncategorized.

Who knew a merchants smooch fest would be so fun? Okay, I’m a geek, but I stopped by the Oakland Merchants Leadership Forum (hang on) at the Washington Inn tonight to write a short blog about the annual schmoozapalooza. I figured it would take 15 minutes. Instead, the Inn was packed with merchants and people from retail arteries that feed our dear city’s businesses, including Steve and Andrew of Oakland Venue Management and Shari Godinez from the Oakland Merchants Leadership Forum  and Helen Wyman of Oakland Events and Ligaya Tichy of Yelp and Jonathan Bair of The DTO.  So I stayed two hours. Ooops. But, hey! Mayor Ron Dellums even proclaimed via proxy that Nov. 20 is Shop Oakland Day.
The forum has beefed up the Shop Oakland Grown campaign including the Web site that is a portal for merchants and shoppers.  Retailers list their businesses and products on the site that buyers can search acc. to their favorite criteria. I’m supposed to write a print story about the push, but the bottom line is you should be slapping down your dollar bills in Oakland. I vote for spending them on martinis but powers higher than those of your  humble night owl have determined the thrust should be on holiday spending: $100 per person. Okay, give the Christmas and Thanksgiving, THEN just slip in the martinis.

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