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Daughter of “Real Housewife” of Orange County bashes Berkeley

By kbender
Monday, December 1st, 2008 at 4:02 pm in Uncategorized.

First a disclaimer: I do not watch “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on Bravo TV but someone in my newsroom has become a fan of this train wreck of a show and told me about some Berkeley-bashing that took place on the premier episode last Wednesday.  

In case you have a life beyond reality television, “Housewives” features five women living in a gated community in Orange County who are completely out of touch with reality. They believe conspicuous consumption is a way of life and that marrying a man who has been divorced five times and is old enough to be your father is totally acceptable as long as the money tree never dies.


One big controversy during a recent show centered around a new “housewife” who claims she hasn’t had a boob job, which made them all very suspicious. They assume everyone has had one. And Botox injections too. Did I mention that none of their foreheads move, ever.


You get the picture.


While these desperate dames (luckily) make their homes down south the recent show has a one-minute Berkeley-bashing rant that is worth watching for the pure belly laugh it will bring.


Kara Keough, 19, is a student at the University of California, Berkeley and the daughter of Jeana Keough, one of the housewives and a former Playboy centerfold and ZZ Top video model.


The show was taped during the summer when Kara was home for the summer after what mom calls “a hard time with Berkeley.”


About one-third into the show, Kara (wearing an ounce of fabric disguised as a swimsuit) and a group of friends are lazily splashing in a swimming pool on a summer afternoon.


It’s when one of the guys, floating on a pool raft, peers through his dark sunglasses and asks Kara what classes she’s taking in the fall that the fun begins.


Dude on raft:  “So, Kara what classes are you going to take this semester?”

Kara: “Women’s studies.”

Dude on raft: “Why don’t you take an economics class?”

Kara: “Because I don’t care about economics. All I know. This is what I have learned at Berkeley. The economy sucks and it’s the president’s fault.”

Kara: “Berkeley was a bit of a culture shock. I thought I’d be able to handle it but now I’m not so sure I can handle it.”

Dude on raft: “So, how is it being a Republican at Berkeley?”

Kara: “Nobody knows. It’s my best kept secret (By the looks of her, we doubt that being a Republican is her best kept secret.)

Kara: (now sitting poolside and wearing at least two ounces of clothing) “I felt like I was in a different world (at UC-Berkeley). But I was OK with that because I don’t think I would want to be the type of person who would fit in because that would mean I either lived in a tree or smoked trees. Well, I guess you call it “grass” (giggle, giggle) or that I ate food from a trash can.”


Um, Kara, we aren’t buying that you don’t know what pot is called. After all, you were valedictorian of your high school class.


OK Kara, a few things you might want to consider the next time you talk smack about Berkeley.

I bet you um, like totally didn’t  know that roughly 900 people earn a Ph.D from Cal every year. And like, OMG, the National Research Council, ranks 35 of 36 of Berkeley’s graduate programs in the top 10 in their respective field.

But Kara, I’ll let you in on Berkeley’s best kept secret: Cal ranks ninth among universities that have produced the largest number of living billionaires. Now, there’s some 411 that will put you right on tack to follow mom’s legacy.

The clip is on their site at http://video.bravotv.com/player/?fid=829241#videoid=850141

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15 Responses to “Daughter of “Real Housewife” of Orange County bashes Berkeley”

  1. Taylor Says:

    As a Berkeley alum myself, I fully understand what an exeptional place UC Berkeley is. However, I find this article wildy inappropriate as it attempts to tarnish the name of a young woman who is taking advantage of being an extremely intelligent and gifted individual. Maybe instead of putting someone down, we should appauld her for balancaing being on a television show (which was not her choice to be on as it is called “Real HOUSEWIVES of Orange County”) and not merely falling back into the “Orange County” lifestyle the author so carelessly speaks of. Furthermore, Kara is not making any comments or jokes which are not somewhat true of the city of Berkeley. Anyone who has lived there knows this, and Kara is merely joking about the city in which she lives. She is not putting down the University she attends whatsoever and the author should develop a sense of humor. And although you may hear otherwise, attending Berkeley as a Republican is not a sin and, as a Republican myself, divulging that you are a Republican at Berkeley is not the easiest thing to do. Maybe next time the author of this article will do some actual journalism and/or research into what she is publishing instead of making astinine, off-hand, cowardly remarks about a young woman attempting to break stereotypes that are unfairly and unjustifiably cast onto her. Surely the author of this article did not attend Berkeley, as fellow Golden Bears protect their own. Dropping statistics found on the front page of the Berkeley website does not make you a Bear.

  2. Kara Says:

    I’m glad you got a belly laugh… because that was my intention. I’m well aware of the stereotypes about Berkeley and I like to poke fun when I can. And clearly you like making jokes stereotyping the people from my area. Looks like we’re not that different, GASP!

  3. lauren Says:

    that kara girl is so annoying. on the show she just seems like a self centered, spoiled rotten little bimbo.

  4. Not Karas Mom Says:

    I love that Kristin “Bezerkeley” Bender, is willing to make put so many assumptions in writing.

    Anyone who watches the show at all, knows that Kara has a biting wit and her comments were entirely tongue-in-cheek.

    Just another example of how thin-skinned people like “Bezerkeley” Bender are.

  5. fan of the show Says:

    Kara has a dry wit and is funny most of the time. I find her opinion about UC-Berkley not surprising. It must be hard being a republican at a liberal school however; she should have known that before applying. If she doesn’t like the school or the political views of the school….transfer to Brigham Young or some other conservative school.

    Life is too short to attend a school that keeps your true expressions hidden.

    On a sidenote….Kara, you MUST do an internship whether its paid or not. This is your ticket to future, top-paying employment after graduation. If you don’t do one, then spend the first year after graduation looking for your dream job, if you can.

  6. waterlily Says:

    Stupid, out-of-touch, selfish, self-center, spoil-rotten girl.

  7. Lisa Says:


  8. Rudge Says:

    Is any of this really worth getting upset over? So, another noveau riche girl with an ironically Christian upbringing is complaining about college-life. It isn’t new, is it? Obviously, she didn’t fit in at Berkeley, and obviously she was making herself feel better about that fact by criticizing an institution that is highly reputable, despite what she may say. If she didn’t realize that there would be people smoking pot at college then-well, maybe she wasn’t ready for the big bad world, quite so soon? Oh, maybe this is something to have an upstart over. Well, either way, I enjoyed writing this and hope that this situation is only anticipating a future generation of children that are incapable of functioning on their own without their parent’s short-lived wallet size, only to live a meaningless life without confidence or self reliance (A La, “I fell down some stairs/My husband loves me”).

    PS: I understand and acknowledge that many, if not all, of the women on The Real Housewives have actually done a wonderful job making a living for themselves. But, that does not mean I expect their wealth to last very long. Of course, what can you expect from people that invest their life-savings in gin and then look into a mirror inquisitively, without any idea why they aren’t losing any weight?

    Someone that doesn’t flirt with their baseball-playing brother

  9. John from Cincinnati Says:

    Kara is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and she’s extremely inelligent to boot.

    Oh, and PhD’s in “majors of trivia” (like the ones at Berkeley) mean nothing in the real world. We laugh at you, Kristen Bender. Jealous are we???

    Seriously, who lives in a tree?

  10. KMS Says:

    What bothered me the most when watching the episode where they drive together to bring Kara to her new apartment was that they stressed that she is in a security safe apartment and made comments about all the bums. Jeana asked, Why don’t we have bums in OC? She then asked, where are all our bums? I can tell you where they are, they are in high corporate republican positions taking all the money out of the economy for themselves and giving themselves a huge bonus. If they were caring they would have felt sad at seeing homeless and with all their money should have done something about it. Instead they laughed trying to spot them and like Kara stated, “It’s like walking through a zoo trying to find the animals.” Imagine this women in society? I think not!

  11. OskiLives Says:

    Why doesn’t she transfer to the University of Spoiled Children? It’s closer to the OC.

  12. BadRep Says:

    You are obviously not a better representative of how great your school is. From your article I gather that people at Berkley are like you–rude & stuck up. I think Kara, though probably spoiled, seems sweet and has good morals.

  13. Caroline Says:

    its so sad that so many people say that “kara doesnt fit in and is blaming hat on berkeley”. yes, because everyone knows that the tree-squatting, politically crazed, birkenstock wearing nerds at berkeley were the coolest kids in high school . . . oh wait, they were the losers. kara is funny, pretty, social, and obviously smart, and its sad how pathetically jealous this writer is. yes, she smokes pot and thats what led her to being the valedictorian of her class . . . um, have you ever met a pothead, kristin??? your argument literally makes so little sense im not even sure what to make of it. if you had ever smoked weed in your life or known anyone who had smoked weed, you would know that those people usually arent the real go-getters of the class, and that weed tends to make people feel lethargic and out of it, not exactly the best conditions for someone studying like crazy to get straight a’s. it seems to me this girl is obviously smarter, funnier, and way HOTTER than this pathetic loser who writes blogs hidden far away behind their computer screen, and miss ULTRA GEEK cant stand that another girl can be cute AND smart, and probably wouldnt even be allowed to take a tour of berkeley. . . and if she did go to any smart school, i think its safe to say that kristin’s utter lack of ANY level of comprehension on pot makes it clear that she wasnt exactly miss popularity. im not condoning drug use, im just saying that most people who have a smidgin of a social life knows that marijuana does not in fact, possess the properties of speed and therefore would make a horrible drug to use while studying. but again, if you have no friends, how would you know this??
    kristin, i would seriously suggest that you get a life and some friends, ESPECIALLY before you try to rip someone for something you so OBVIOUSLY have no comprehension of . . . its kind of embarassing.

  14. AMFNY Says:

    Kara got into Berkeley on her own and she transferred to UCLA on her own. That’s more than many young americans. She like everyone has a right to transfer. It’s not a sin just a fact of life. I know this article was published almost two years ago but when you live in the oc, living in Berkeley is a major change in lifestyle. It’s great if you want to experience something different. I have some young adults that wanted to attend UC Berkeley and did and others that choose UCLA and did. Personally, if I had a choice, I would attend UCLA over UC Berkeley specifically for the lifestyle. The most important thign is that this young woman gets wonderful grades, and doesn’t find herself in jail like many other kids. Look at most of the other young adults on the show, none of which choose college…something must be right for Kara. Good Luck. AMFNY

  15. AMFNY Says:

    BTW, some of the journalism majors who write about Berkeley don’t get the complete story and thus their articles are disappointing.

    thing…chose…corrections for previous post

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