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Share stories of working on Obama campaign at new Berkeley Web site

By kbender
Sunday, January 25th, 2009 at 7:28 am in Uncategorized.

A former Obama presidential campaign volunteer and Berkeley man has launched a Web site, www.RealChangeStories.com, where people can post personal stories of connections and friendships forged during the course of the Barack Obama campaign.

Will it become the next Facebook or YouTube? Not likely, but the nonprofit site organizers said the site was built in the spirit of President Barack Obama’s call for serivce and civic engagement so hopefully it will get a little attention.

It is devoted to helping “volunteers share their stories about connecting personally with total strangers during the course of the campaign,” according to a statement released late last week after the Tuesday
inauguration. Organizers say each of the stories is significant for the change it represents and the future it will inspire.
“What I was most moved by, as a volunteer, were my personal one-on-one interactions with absolute strangers,” said Bill Fleig, former Obama campaign volunteer and RealChangeStories.com co-founder.
“Getting outside my comfort zone and connecting with people of all walks of life was a profoundly meaningful and life-changing experience. We felt the need to help people share how beautiful it can be to connect with others in the course of what can be exhausting, difficult, and even scary grassroots
political work.”

RealChangeStories.com is an all volunteer driven site created to enable grassroots activists as well as everyday people to share their stories about their personal connections with strangers during the course of their efforts on behalf of a cause. The site was founded by Bill Fleig, Finn Kisch, and Oliver Crow with help from many additional volunteers and contributors. Yes they did.

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