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More big hot plans in the Uptown District

By awoodall
Thursday, May 14th, 2009 at 4:02 pm in Fun Stuff to do in Oakland, Night Owl, Uptown.

So I was wandering around Downtown and Lake Merritt last night and heard all out the grand plans for Uptown Unveiled, June 18. It’s going to be quite a show. Or, carnival, if Peter Van Kleef is done with his share of the debutante ball for the area’s community benefit district and celebration of the wild success brought to you by The Fox, Flora, Van Kleef’s, Uptown Lounge, Somar and other existing and soon-to-be places like the second outpost of Bench and Bar. The club is taking over the old @17th lounge and the London Studios Gallery (I think was the name) is also new. Not far away, Town Hall is going in where Sweet Jimmie’s used to be along with the Hibiscus restaurant, from what I heard. (Their hearing with the Planning Commission is scheduled for May 20. I can’t seem to find Bench and Bar’s online.) As for the Uptown Unveiled event…it’s going to be something to remember with four stages along five or six blocks of Telegraph and the area. “Lovers, hookers, muggers and thieves,” as Peter put it. He was joking about the hookers. He hired Shred Zeppelin and the Unauthorized Rolling Stones to play. (In the meantime, Van Kleef’s is offering lunch, a drink and massage for $25 — the massage for a limited time only.) 
NIMBY Gallery and the Crucible will be working their magic. The ice skating rink will be open to all gratis and a skatepark will be outside along with K Dub and his gear. The plans are still being finalized but I’ll be putting out a full rundown June 5.

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5 Responses to “More big hot plans in the Uptown District”

  1. Kyu Says:

    Let’s Go Oakland! is a group of A’s fans, business people, labor leaders, and government officials who are committed to keeping the A’s in Oakland.

    But it’s about much more than just building a ballpark. As part of a larger plan to build new hotels, restaurants, and cafes, a new destination stadium will attract visitors from all over the region. Like AT&T Park in Mission Bay did for San Francisco, our ballpark will be a catalyst to bring new investment and jobs to Oakland, kick-starting the next phase of our community’s successful economic development.

    If you support Oakland — if you support the A’s — we hope you’ll stand with us. Sign our petition, and urge Major League Baseball and team ownership to keep the A’s in Oakland!


  2. angela woodall Says:

    Cool. You guys should add a blog to the site where people can look for authoritative, factual info about the management’s dealings — instead of opinions by people who have little history and context — and details about the city’s efforts to keep the players here.

  3. dto510 Says:

    Angela, you scooped me on the Bench & Bar! I had heard that but didn’t get around to confirming it. It may not require a public hearing because the Bench & Bar have an older (ie, transferable) cabaret license and @17th already housed a club so it may not need a CUP.

  4. A few things to read about downtown Oaktown « The DTO Says:

    […] successfully delayed a plan to build a parking lot. The alternative, integrating the lot into the Uptown Unveiled public-art program, must be ruled feasible by Tuesday for it to proceed. Meanwhile, here in Old Oakland we have our […]

  5. awoodall Says:

    I am so psyched about the plans for the parking lot and for the old @17 space, although I wish things would have worked out differently there. I was hoping to find the plans for the space online. Anyone know what’s going on in the corner space at, I believe, 2355 Broadway? It’s empty but signs of life seem to be stirring…

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