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Footloose shackled

By awoodall
Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 at 7:53 pm in Fun Stuff to do in Oakland, Night Owl.

The latest greatest news that doesn’t revolve around bars is the remake of Footloose, the 80s hit in which Kevin Bacon walking around saying stuff like “Get Back!” sounded soooo cool to a geeky 8th grader like me. I was torn between his big-city meets Puritan village persona and wanting to sound like the English translation of a book about a German teenage junkie. I said “sound like” — not act like — a teenage junkie in Berlin. Anyway, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford (I write this as if I have a clue who the heck that is…) is the new Kevin Bacon. Maybe they can film in Oakland, which as you might know, has some dance laws that could have come straight out of the movie.

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