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Art space, not car space

By cburt
Friday, May 22nd, 2009 at 1:59 pm in Uncategorized, Uptown.

So it looks like the city is moving a bit closer to the idea of using an empty lot next to the Fox Theater for public art instead of a parking lot.

Which is to say, city staff has not ruled it out as infeasible, anyway, according to an email from Jonathan Bair, chair of the city’s bicycle and pedestrian advisory committee. Bair was at Wednesday’s Planning Commission meeting when city staff gave an update.

Developer Forest City is supposed to build housing on the lot at 19th Street and Telegraph Avenue, but asked for an extension due to the economy. In exchange, the city asked Forest City to construct and operate a temporary parking lot there.

That idea didn’t fly with the community members who want more pedestrians and fewer cars on the streets around the Fox and other uptown venues. They lobbied City Hall and lo and behold, the council voted to let the community come up with an alternate plan.

Right now it looks like the desire is use the space to display large public art….. what better way to get pedestrians to hang around and enjoy the street-level view???

Stay tuned for updates….

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One Response to “Art space, not car space”

  1. V Smoothe Says:

    Actually, the Council voted to give public arts staff two weeks to FINALIZE plans to use the lot as a temporary public art installation space, not to “let the community come up with an alternate plan.” This was incorrectly reported in the Tribune after the meeting.

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