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Kimball’s Carnival sidewalk seating saga

By awoodall
Friday, May 22nd, 2009 at 1:00 pm in Night Owl.

Kimball’s on Washington Street may finally be close to getting the sidewalk seating they have been after for two years. They have been trying to get permission to put tables out on the sidewalk during lunch and dinner hours since I was hired at The Tribune. I think I blogged about it back then. The delay is due more to run around than any objections about having the seating outside.  
One place that won’t have seating outside is Rico’s Grill that will go into 3830 MacArthur Blvd, near the liquor store and lounge that got shut down last month. Owner Rod Rossi told Planning Dept. commissioners he was glad to see the place go and that he is looking to “turn the neighborhood around.” One of the commissioners was worried that if he got an “ABC” liquor license (Alcoholic Beverage Control) a liquor store would not be able to inherit the license — after one of the commissioners had already made the point that Rossi did not need such a permit.  So no worries there. But the issue of outdoor seating came up repeatedly even though Rossi said he wasn’t going to have outdoor seating. A commissioner asked about it, after which Sanjiv Handa said that 300 places opened in Oakland recently that have flaunted the outdoor seating permit requirements, making it hard for disabled people to get by and creating smoke-filled air. Rossi looked like he was caught in some sort of Twilight Zone episode.

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