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Adios Cerrito Speakeasy

By awoodall
Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 at 2:47 pm in Night Owl.

The Fischer’s are signing out of The Cerrito. Here’s a letter if you haven’t gotten it:

Speakeasy Theaters is signing off. 
Thank you for 14 amazing years.  What a long, strange trip it’s been.  We are proud of what we’ve built and are looking forward to whatever is next.  We’ve built community, lovingly restored two beautiful theaters, met some wild and wonderful people and learned a lot along the way.
Our public demise has been glowingly at hand and we are here to bear witness, rejoice and mourn.  It has been a fitful, exciting, exhausting and eventually frustrating tenure but it was a true representation of us.  Catherine and I had a blast in the process and through the guidance of our genius shrink, learned much about our real selves.
 Catherine and I are mulling over our next adventure.  We need to walk the beach, clear our minds and let the universe speak to us.  That’s how we found Speakeasy Theaters, our publishing company before that and the neighborhood pub.  The beach heals what ails.  Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed what we have offered, who have shared in our vision and who love the idea of building and sharing community.
 It is awesome and often extremely embarrassing to have your life play out in such a public manner.  But you learn that you must strive to be bold in attempting to be true to your realest self.  For better or for worse this has been an expression of our essence and people will judge us as they choose.  Hey – whatever.  We are at the same time amazing and flawed.  Life is a great teacher.  Rejoice.

 Kyle and Catherine
PS.  We had some wonderful employees.  If any of them should pass your way, please offer them your assistance or a job.  They served with very little compensation.

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