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Jim Beam pops whiskey’s cherry

By awoodall
Thursday, June 4th, 2009 at 2:11 pm in Night Owl.

The hot news in hooch is Jim Beam’s roll out of one of the first flavored whiskeys. I guess they figure that if people will shell out money for grape, mango, espresso and pepper Vodkas they’ll do the same for Red Stag, which is the name of the Jim Beam’s black cherry infused 4-year-old bourbon. Anybody tried this yet? According Jim Beam, Kid Rock is Red Stag’s spokesman¬†and the company is sponsoring his 25-city tour.

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8 Responses to “Jim Beam pops whiskey’s cherry”

  1. V Smoothe Says:


  2. awoodall Says:

    Did you taste it? I can’t imagine it can be good but then again I can’t stand flavored vodka…

  3. V Smoothe Says:

    No, just the idea sounds gross! Flavored vodka is one thing – vodka is supposed to taste like nothing. But bourbon is supposed to taste like bourbon.

  4. dto510 Says:

    Maker’s Mark (owned by Jim Beam) makes a mint-flavored bourbon. It is really nasty. Pican has it, if you’d like to try for yourself!

  5. awoodall Says:

    Now, mint-flavored really sounds disgusting. What are they thinking? It’s like drinking menthol cigarettes.

  6. dto510 Says:

    I’l buy you a shot, Angela. Research is the basis of journalism!

  7. V Smoothe Says:

    Dto, Maker’s Mark is not a Beam brand. But mint bourbon also sounds gross.

  8. V Smoothe Says:

    OMG, I finally tried this tonight. It is so much more disgusting than I could have possibly imagined. Must be tasted to be believed. Let me know when you’re up for a drink at Radio and I’ll buy you one. You know, for research.

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