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Uptown celebrated

By awoodall
Friday, June 19th, 2009 at 5:25 pm in Night Owl, Oakland nightlife, Uptown.

I am recovering from last night’s Uptown Unveiled and don’t want to drag on with a bunch of details that don’t really matter now that the event is OVER. Thank you to Katie Chabot for the photos taken from the top of the Cathedral building.

The penthouse goes for nearly $1 million. It’s cozy even for a pied-a-terre but the view is amazing as you can see from the snaps here. The bottom floor lobby is filled with Crucible art until the purchase goes through. And I am told that the potential buyer has plans for some sort of cafe, restaurant or bar. Imagine sitting in Latham Square sipping a glass of wine!!! Speaking of wine, Penelope, the little bar on Clay Street, opened last night and was packed with a business/city admin sort of clientele. I think it’s a minor miracle because just last week there was nothing but dust in there from the buildout.

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