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Some thoughts about Uptown Unveiled story

By awoodall
Saturday, June 20th, 2009 at 4:13 pm in Night Owl, Uptown.

I noticed on A Better Oakland there were a few comments about my coverage of Uptown Unveiled, some of them questioning why I downplayed the story. Well, the simple answer is: I didn’t. Here’s the rest of what I wrote in response to the comments:
Hello people. Most of you are wrong about why the story about Uptown Unveiled was what it was. Since no one bothered to ask me let me correct a few of your comments, which all are based on conjecture.
No. 1. I had a 7 p.m. deadline and only 12 inches in the paper. That’s about 400 words. I arrived at 5 p.m. and crawled off into a semi-quiet place at 6:30 p.m. to write. I returned to the event at 7:15 p.m. and stayed until 10 p.m.  I covered 16th St. to West Grand along Telegraph and Broadway twice throughout the evening. I didn’t impose the deadline and didn’t like it any better than anyone else. Talk to the publisher. 
No. 2 There were hundreds of people around at the start. What if I had written projected to what it would be like at 9 p.m. and people didn’t actually turn out of the event? Hmmm.
No. 3 The photo is not from the Tribune if you would look at what I wrote you would see someone donated it. That’s what the streets look like.
No. 4 The Chron just had another round of layoffs, including Christopher Heredia. Where was Chip Johnson, you might ask, since he lives here and is supposed to report about Oakland.
In any case, next time you like or don’t like something about my coverage, e-mail me to check your facts. The domain is at the end of every story.
I should add though that I was ultimately disappointed with the event compared to the hype, at least the press releases sent to the media.  But I didn’t discover the issues until after I had filed the story. For one thing, the poetry slam was charging $10 to enter, although the city advertised everything as free and made it sound like food and drink would be offered freely at every turn. Not a chance. There were other issues but the poetry slam fee really bothered me.

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