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Booze crackdown coming

By awoodall
Friday, July 17th, 2009 at 4:21 pm in Night Owl, Oakland nightlife.

The other day a Trader Joe’s clerk scrutinized my credentials for buying a bottle of wine. “Have I checked your ID before?” he said. That was his polite way of saying, “Let’s see it.” I always relish the look on people’s face when they see 1969. But it’s been happening more often than usual and among young clerks who have special youth detectors. “Should I take it personally that I have been carded twice since I turned 40?” I asked my boyfriend. I wanted to take it personally. But then I remembered the agenda item on next Tuesday’s City Council meeting.  OPD stands to get $100,000 from the Alcoholic Beverage Control dept. for a year-long crackdown on illegal booze sales and nuisance sellers. It looks like OPD wants to go after sales to minors and liquor stores but they might be including any establishment with a liquor license, such as the Seven Seas cocktail lounge on Mac. in the Laurel Dist.  I really don’t know how much this money would change things. My sense is that it supports efforts already in the works.

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