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Tourettes hurt last night

By awoodall
Friday, August 7th, 2009 at 11:49 am in Fun Stuff to do in Oakland, Night Owl, Oakland nightlife.

A drunken, half-naked, white trash dancer pummeled me with her silver pom-poms last night. It was after the 3-hour Tourettes Without Regrets show at the Metro on Third St. Jamie DeWolf warned us all: that the Extra Action Marching Band was nuts. They were. And they had all the rythm of a pregnant hippo. But they were also fun in a weird “I’m too f’d to drunk” kind of way. In other words, people who had already loosened their inhibitions with a few drinks may have enjoyed the band most. That would not include me. I will watch a spectacle but can’t say I’m a fan of exhibition for exhibition sake especially if it involves inflicting pain on me (my arms still hurt). Give me a little art with the main course(i.e. Kiss me on the mouth at least if you’re going to…). They supposedly arrived on a double-decker bus (I didn’t see it) and took over the building with their debauched brass and percussion. The players seemed lucid enough and I liked they played in the middle of the audience instead of on stage.  But their “cheerleaders” started wailing on my boyfriend then me. I told her to get out of my face and she moved on to other victims.  
The dancers made their way to the stage, did a bump and grind, then began circulating around the floor, writhing with each other, the crowd or with the ground. One of them — in a wig of course –had a lump near her bikini line that was visible from the stage. They all looked like junkies, which is probably the look they are going for. Strangely enough what bothered me about the hunky guy with shortest short shorts imaginable was that he was wearing 80s style boots (women’s of course with a slight heel). I hated the 80s.
A tame version of the Extra Action Marching Band:

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7 Responses to “Tourettes hurt last night”

  1. mojowrkn Says:

    Loosen up, extra action is FUN!!!

  2. Angela Woodall Says:

    I am loosened up enough, thank you. I didn’t say they weren’t fun. I appreciate the spectacle and that others enjoy raunchy wenches and booze-fueled entertainment.

  3. Reggie Says:

    “Strangely enough what bothered me about the hunky guy with shortest short shorts imaginable was that he was wearing 80s style boots”

    Really? Didn’t know you were the fashion police along with a stick in the mud.

    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  4. Angela Woodall Says:

    I’m neither. If you read closer or most of my stories you’d see that. Did you have fun last night? Or were you there?
    I did hate the 80s though, mostly bc it stirs up memories of the Reagan years. But even my teenager daughters dont’ like the 80s fashions, which made a comeback for a while recently. That said, one of them just bought boots that looked like the dancer’s I wrote about.

  5. Coolhand Luke Says:

    I feel u Angela, but then again, Tourettes is always like that to a certain degree. I’ve seen some vulgar, obscene and hilarious things there over the years and go prepared for that. That said, I’ve never been physically accosted, and if I was, I’d probably return the favor.

    Be easy Reggie, she is entitled to her 80s hang-ups, that whole decade is romanticized by too many already.

  6. Angela Woodall Says:

    Definitely. Raunch comes with Tourette’s territory. Although, I do think the show has gotten a little tamer than the old days. Jamie announced they are going to host a 3rd Thursdays 21-and-over show. Hmmm. I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that anyone is romanticizing the 80s. Those were some button-down days back then. Anyway, all who think I am a stick in the mud and don’t like fun I say: let’s have a drink sometime and talk about it. I promise I won’t say anything about your fashion. Just don’t hit me with your pom-poms :)

  7. Cecily Burt Says:

    enjoyed the video Angela… your experience sounds wilder, for sure.. get ready for a nostalgic 80s fashion explosion now that John Hughes has died…. :)

    P.S. that bump sounds like a hernia.

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