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Lake Chalet open and other business

By awoodall
Thursday, August 20th, 2009 at 10:13 am in Night Owl, Oakland nightlife.

Yes, the long-awaited Lake Chalet is open. I didn’t  really think the owners, Lara and Gar Truppelli, would make it by Aug. 17 a few weeks ago during the dedication of the boat house. I am going to stop by tonight or Friday. In other matters, KQED’s “Forum” hosted an interesting discussion about SF’s entertainment commission: the pros-cons, the pitfalls, etc. Oakland will eventually adopt a similar blueprint. Giving police so much power over entertainment venues is unwise because their priorities and entertainment priorities inevitably conflict. But an entertainment commission won’t materialize very soon, city officials say, because there’s no money. (Instead, the city is spreading the duties among current staff in CEDA. Barb Killey, of course, is still in charge of cabaret licenses.) That might be partly why the Mayor’s task force didn’t evolve into an entertainment commission as some members had hoped. They are, instead, seeking positions on the cultural affairs commission and the like — a good idea because some members have an agenda or are all gung-ho about having just discovered Oakland and want to impose their “vision” without really taking a step back and understanding the city as a whole. I would be worried if some of them got a seat on an entertainment commission. But we do need one — the sooner the better. Who will serve on it is another story. Maybe we can learn from San Francisco’s mistakes.

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  1. madeline pinkard Says:

    I was at Lake Chalet last evening. I think the they did a really good job in making it first class establishment, however the food was terrible. The soup was cold, we received the soup before the appetizer and the main dish was bland. All the people in our party thought the food was terrible. As we left we ran into some friends and they said,”we only come for appetizers and drinks”. I would hope that the owners would invest in in Chef for such an upscale resturant.

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