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Lake Chalet night owl column (cont…)

By awoodall
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 12:03 pm in Night Owl.

I wrote in the Aug. 28 Night Owl column about the new Lake Chalet that even sore feelings about Everett and Jones barbecue being turned down as operators of the Boat House restaurant were mostly healed.  I didn’t mean to imply that Everett and Jones owners had gotten over it. Because they are most decidedly not and I got an earful about it.
Like it or not, the Lake Chalet is a hit right now.  It doesn’t mean that the bigger issues and the history behind the decision should be dismissed — without me seeming to pit the two against each other. We can say move on already but the history seethes beneath the surface and will affect the way some people feel about the restaurant. There are several Oaklands in this city.
Speaking of which, I noticed that Kimball’s Carnival had a hearing with City officials Friday. I haven’t been able to get in touch with the manager but a sign on the door of the Second Street entrance Friday read that the club and the sports bar are allowed a max of 300 people by order of the Fire Department beginning Aug. 28.
Funny that Michael Krasny mentioned Oakland in a back-handed way on his FORUM show about SF’s entertainment commission. He said authorities might be worried that if SF is too unhospitable to night clubs they would go to Oakland or the East Bay. I have news for him: Oakland is much tougher than San Francisco.

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3 Responses to “Lake Chalet night owl column (cont…)”

  1. V Smoothe Says:

    Kimball’s Carnival’s permit was not suspended at Friday’s hearing, but apparently they have fire code issues they are going to have to address.

  2. awoodall Says:

    Thanks. I wanted to go to the hearing but got sent elsewhere and the phone # listed for the inspector was wrong. I figured it was something code-related from the sign on the door and since they were able to open albeit with a limited capacity. They have a good rep. I wonder how it all got started though.

  3. mojowrkn Says:

    So glad to see Lake Chalet in this space! they are still working out the kinks but what a welcome breath of fresh air in Oakland.

    Everett and Jones just doesnt have the goods for a spot like this.

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