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A Paramount problem

By awoodall
Monday, September 28th, 2009 at 12:49 pm in Fun Stuff to do in Oakland, Night Owl.

I loved the Friday night showing of “On the Waterfront” at the Paramount Theatre. I’d never seen Marlon Brando utter those magic words “I could’a been a contender” on the big screen before. It was especially poignant with the recent passing of Bud Schulberg. The organizers do a great job of recreating the old-time movie magic…EXCEPT…the Paramount could do better than selling packaged popcorn and the like. For such a gorgeous venue the offerings at the Friday-night movies are anything but classy. I hate to even complain because I appreciate the film nights so much. I LOOOVE them.  But I can’t ignore the improvements that would really make a big difference especially the fact that every man, woman and child is required to check in their bags at the coat check…which turns into a nightmare when it’s time to reclaim the bags after the show. Why is this necessary on movie night but not when the ballet or symphony is performing?
Everyone who had just had a great time watching the movie Friday night and was all warm and fuzzy got thrown into a line that stretched from the coat check past the foyer. No big deal at first but then people started getting annoyed after 10-15 minutes, including the women whose job it was to fish out bags from a dark, crowded space. They and patrons ended up being rude and ruining what could have been a mellow after-movie setting. At least the bar could have brought in some extra bucks from people forced to wait. But it was already shut down. I hate to see good opportunities go to waste.
Speaking of which, the still-empty restaurant space in the Fox Theater complex is supposed to be filled by a deli run by Another Planet ( rather, they are in charge of finding someone to run it as I understand the arrangement). I haven’t confirmed with Another Planet but that’s why there has been some activity finally in the space on 18th and Tel. That’s good news for OSA students especially with the taqueria opening across the street next to Flora and run by the same owners.

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