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State suspended Oasis liquor permit

By awoodall
Monday, October 19th, 2009 at 2:19 pm in Night Owl, Oakland nightlife.

Hopefully no one found out the hard way this weekend that the state booze patrol yanked the liquor license of Oasis lounge on 12th Street. Not sure what that was all about but I figure it might somehow be linked to the problems the owners had with the city, triggered — essentially — by the fact that Oasis was home to a lot of big and boisterous fun without the right safety measures or bureaucratic stamps of approval. Pot smoking patrons lighting up in front of decoy cops didn’t help.
Oasis just opened after the owners completed a set of renovations meant to to avoid being shut down over code violations. Surprisingly, Oakland’s City Council gave the owners the green light just weeks ago to stay open. The office that controls cabaret permits and OPD were in favor of just the opposite. So here we are.

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