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Responses to AC Transit story (contains adult language)

By awoodall
Saturday, February 20th, 2010 at 10:15 am in Uncategorized.

Here is a smattering of the feedback to the AC Transit brawl story just over Facebook. My voicemail was nearly full. I didn’t want to write the story and it was not worth writing. But it’s goot to know what is lurking out there — racism, misogyny etc. — under the thin veil of civility. The funny thing is people are arguing that I am biased on both sides.

Rob Kiser February 20 at 9:35am

Blame the victim, why don’t you? The 67 year old white man was physically assaulted by the younger black man. It’s on the video. And yet, you blame the older man for the attack. The gall of some people. It would be different if it weren’t on video.

Rob Kiser February 20 at 9:37am

Also, you should get a new facebook photo. This one looks like you’re recovering from a bad acid trip in the Black Rock Desert.

Brandon Livingston

“yeah, like the media and its anti-white bias. you pathetic, worthless swine. ”
“I read your biased article, Angela. You and the American mass media are pathetic. You made it look like Bruso made unprovoked racial slurs and made the worthless subhuman who attacked him to be the sweet, innocent victim. Did you even watch the video? You said nothing of that fat ugly sow Iyanna Washington’s encouragement of racial violence, or the theft of Bruso’s bag. Do your superiors encourage you to write articles biased against whites, or are you just overcome with self-hate from movies and history class?
If I read that some pack animals attacked you on a bus with provocation, I would think that would be poetic justice. ”

Ben Milne:
“You’re a fucking bitch, that nigger deserved every bit of what he got.”
“Not only did that guy deserve every bit of what he got, it had nothing to do with race you biased ass.

Further, I think you will find its because a lot of people take public trans and see this sorta thing all the time, so it hits home to them. And its great to see one of those retards get their due.

Your artice was so biased its not funny. How could you see the same thing as everyone else and end up that far off… your bias is just sad”

Artie Chaffin February 19 at 11:57pm

I just finished reading your article regarding Vietnam Tom and the fight on the bus. I’m very curious why you go into such detail regarding what Tom said and did, yet sum up the racial and threatening comments made by the black guy as “ordering.” Did you happen to even watch the video? The man clearly curses and threatens the old guy for over a minute. Then he goes to the front of the bus to get away and still gets harassed by the guy. You clearly failed to mention any of that in your report. Have you everwondered why nobody believes in what reporters or journalists write about anymore? It because of pieces like yours that blatantly remove facts from a situation that people can clearly see and hear by watching a video. A video is not up to interpretation when there is sound. Please watch again, turn the sound up, look at your story and see just how pathetic of a job was done.

Ben Milne February 19 at 6:22pm

Why did you try to destroy the legacy of Epic Beard Man?

Ashlee Sullivan February 19 at 12:56pm

I feel that you incorrectly reported part of how this situation unfolded. You wrote that Bruso incensed the man by asking how much to have him spit shine his shoes. In the original video the man openly admits when asked, that he did walk by Bruso and said “Whys a brother gotta spit shine a mans shoes?”. Bruso mistook the mans instigation as an offer and even states his interest in the offer was because of a funeral he would be attending the next day. Bruso also attempted to clarify his mistake by saying “It doesn’t matter, you could be a chinaman, I’m not prejudice.”. Also he attempts to ask the man “Why are you so hostile?”.
Why were these things left out of your reporting of the situation? It seems a bit biased because of the fact Bruso has a past video. After watching the video it is obvious that even if Bruso has a short fuse, he was harassed a good deal before the argument became violent. When it did become violent, he was not the initiator of violence. Regardless of this mans past, He was not the one who started the argument. He even endured several threats of physical violence from the other man, which you also left out. I think these things are important to address, I would appreciate it if the events were more clearly reported as they actually unfolded, instead of what just sounds better when read.


Samuel Charowsky February 19 at 9:16am

Did you watch the video? If you did you’d know what really happened. While its not in it, you can tell from Bruso’s tone he thought that the black man offered to shine his shoes. You can deduce that Thomas probably had his foot in the area of the black man and the punk said something sarcastically like “You want me to shine your shoes?” then when Bruso asked how much got defensive.

After continued rudeness from the younger one, Bruso acted like the bigger man and walked away from the fight only to have Mr Uppity continue to talk shit like the tough guy he thought he was. This went on back and forth until finally the black guy walked up to the front of the bus, assaulted Bruso, and then proceeded to get his ass handed to him in a legally sound proceeding.

Now I don’t know what video you watched, if any, but if you watched that one then you’d know the ghetto punk had what was coming to him. The dumbass continued to talk shit even after getting his face pounded in. Maybe next time you’ll do your research or stop kissing the african populations ass, doubt it.

Gary O’Donnell February 19 at 2:37am

Oh and he doesnt name himself ”Epic Beard Man”, it was a named conned for him by 4chan/ebaumsworld

Gary O’Donnell February 19 at 2:36am

You’re very biased on your http://www.insidebayarea.com/oaklandtribune/localnews/ci_14429686

not one newspaper account the fact that the girl filming shouted ” say it again pinky” and ” beat his white ass”

to be thats racial hatred and also wanting a fight to happen! adding fuel to the fire, plus at the end she clearly steals the bag, and if you would do some research and go on her youtube account, look at the first comments for her apology response, she clearly states she ” wanted the black guy to win because of slavery”

Joey Neeley February 18 at 7:09pm

Your article about epic beard man doesn’t say anything about the stupid fuckin black chick that stole his bag…..wtf?

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3 Responses to “Responses to AC Transit story (contains adult language)”

  1. Gary Says:

    Why not actually ANSWER the questions readers asked instead of simply reprinting them?

    For instance, why weren’t the racial slurs from the black camerawoman mentioned?

  2. Better Reader Than You Says:

    Apparently, you’re as bad at listening as you are at reading and writing. Every single response in the “smattering of feedback” claims that you’re biased against Bruso. Which you clearly are.

    You said nothing of how the person taking the video was encouraging racial violence, nothing of how they stole his bag and nothing of how they continued to belittle him while he was discussing plans for his mother’s funeral. You divorced Jacksons friends from the entire altercation, omitting the fact that they were involved in the theft and in inciting the incident in the first place. And then you say that “finally the younger man struck him” as if it was as inevitable as rain that Bruso be attacked. There was no reason nor justification for that first blow, but Bruso made sure that there wouldn’t be any more. And that is why he’s gotten the publicity he has.

    Furthermore, you shared absolutely no facts about Jackson. And yet you give height and weight figures of Bruso as if he was the one entirely responsible for the whole incident. When no one was arrested. Your presentation exudes bias against Bruso.

    Admitted, Bruso carries much of that casual racism from earlier years in his speech, but his attitude was not that of someone wanting to demean someone else. He simply doesn’t realize that those terms are nowadays considered offensive. Although I doubt that you’re capable enough of reading between the lines to realize that.

    I would expect an apology for biased writing like this from an honest man. From the fact that you’re attempting to cover your bias up, I’m not even certain that you’ll let this comment through. I guess we’ll see how honest you really are.

  3. souldogdave Says:

    Your report was obviously biased, and provocative. You expected this response. This is journalism? You should be ashamed.

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