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Repeat after me: Taxi! I got a $5 voucher.

By awoodall
Thursday, May 6th, 2010 at 8:33 pm in Fun Stuff to do in Oakland, Night Owl, Oakland nightlife.

I used to spend about a dozen days out of the month in Liege, Belgium.  This week someone stole the sign belonging to Liege, the lounge on Washington Street in Old Oakland. Thankfully the lounge is much closer than the town. Tonight I traveled all of a block to hear about the taxi promotion about to hit the streets of Oakland tomorrow for First Friday/Art Murmur.
Jonathan Bair, who was there to tell me about it, has become the marketing consultant for Friendly Cab, which is offering $5 vouchers available at The Layover lounge (15th and Franklin); Penelope (11th and Clay); and Era (Grand and Broadway). You can grab the voucher and hail a taxi later from wherever you are. Or you can hail a cab from Era, The Layover or Penelope. In any case, you are supposed to be able to apply the voucher to any cab fare: If you are bar or gallery hopping the coupon will cover most of your costs downtown. If you’re going farther you’ll pay the extra. But you have to find a cab first.  In Oakland, that could complicate the plan considerably. 
And even Jonathan would agree that this won’t improve the reputation for invisibility that taxis have in this town. He and Friendly owner Dahr Mann, as well as Kapsack & Bair (no relation to Jonathan) DUI attorneys who pitched in to sponsor the event, are hoping it’s a step in the right direction by enticing cabbies to cruise for fares, thus increasingly their visibility and retraining people to take taxis.
Speaking of right directions, Liege lounge replace the sign tonight. Now if we just had some signs pointing to the taxis.

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2 Responses to “Repeat after me: Taxi! I got a $5 voucher.”

  1. This Friday the first to feature legal live music — the DTO Says:

    […] Since we’re on the topic of transportation, allow me to plug a professional project of mine. I am helping Friendly Cab offer free taxi rides on First Fridays. A $5 taxi coupon, enough for a free bar-hopping trip downtown, will be available tonight at three downtown bars: Penelope at 11th and Clay, The Layover at 1517 Franklin, and Era Artbar at 19 Grand. Stop by a bar and ask for your coupon, and enjoy a free or heavily discounted ride on Friendly Cab! Sponsored by Kapsack & Bair DUI Attorneys, the coupon can help you have fun while avoiding drunk driving. Read more about it at TheOakbook.com and the Trib’s Nightowl blog. […]

  2. Martie Alison Says:

    Always enjoy your Night Owl Column. Just a minor comment on 355 – 19th: Big Al’s Cactus Room preceded Big Don’s (who put up the yellow ball). Big Al was Al Punczak, a little Hungarian dynamo, active in the fabulous Oakland club scene of the 1960s (waaaaay before your time) and a rabid Raiders fan with the likes of Tom Keating, Jim Otto, Lee Grosscup and the rest as regulars. The place was a real hang out and always packed. Al’s sister Patty also had a club down on Grand which is now a Chinese restaurant.

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