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New places to watch for

By awoodall
Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 at 11:31 am in Night Owl.

Surprisingly, I spotted several openings in the works to keep on an eye on:
530 Lakeside Drive: a cuban joint
1644 Telegraph: a nightclub near Cafe Van Kleef’s
2000 MacArthur Blvd: the Bay Laurel Restraurant
3000 Broadway: restaurant it appears 
1803 Webster: another restaurant
Meanwhile, A Cote is still trying to clear the last hurdles with neighbors and ABC to open a second restaurant in the old Compadres Bar & Grill space on Park Blvd. Sounds like they’ll be on the way soon.

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5 Responses to “New places to watch for”

  1. Luke Says:

    Oh man, good to hear about the new Acote moving forward. It’s becoming an eyesore. How do you find out information on what is going on with projects like this?
    Good thing is that Sushi Park looks ready to open just down a few storefronts.
    Other questions…
    1) What is up with the Kwikway on Lakeside? That is a prime spot for something great. Thought I read that a Rockridge restaurateur was gonna turn it into something. Nice that a cuban place is going in next door cause God knows Havana sucks and there is serious lack of good Cuban here.
    2) Is the Grand Lake Theater getting just a new paint job right now or are they rehabbing more of it?

  2. angela woodall Says:

    As far as I know nothing is happening. But I haven’t checked lately. You probably already know that the owners of the Kwik Way backed off plans several years ago to turn the defunct drive-in into a fast food joint: FatBurger. I only mention it in case others are not familiar with the history, including the McDonald’s that was supposed to go in there back in 2004. Public outcry convinced the city to scrap that plan. The owners also hold the deed to the Heart and Dagger saloon (formerly Serenader) and the BofA building/parking lot. Plans for a mixed-use development collapsed in 2006. Maybe the news will be better for the spot now that Lakeside Drive is attracting new places. I was always curious about whether someone had proposed resuscitating the Kwik Way and found something/someone standing in their way. ???

  3. andrew danish Says:

    KWIK WAY is a great building! the food just wasn’t that good. let’s just hope it doesn’t end up like the old BIFF’s off broadway.

  4. Dave C. Says:

    The old Kwik-Way is being turned into a somewhat more upscale “comfort food” with outdoor seating, according to the Splash Pad newsletter. So far there’s nothing except a new exterior paint job to indicate the change, but hopefully that stretch will become less of a dead zone in coming months. The street is Lake Park, by the way, not Lakeside (Lakeside is on the other side of the lake by Lake Chalet and the Merritt Hotel, etc.).

  5. Dave C. Says:

    “comfort food” RESTAURANT is what I meant to say above…

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