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Schaaf for Mayor?

By Matt Artz


Nothing yet from the mare’s mouth, but I had a couple well-connected people tell me Friday afternoon that Libby Schaaf is starting preparations for a mayoral run.

It’s hard to gauge political ramifications with ranked-choice voting, but a run by Schaaf could swing some money and volunteer energy away from Joe Tuman. 

Running would be a big gamble for Schaaf. She’s up for re-election to the council next year, so she’d have to give up her seat to run for mayor.

Posted on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013
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Dinner and a movie at Breads of India

By awoodall

The monthly two-for-one at Oakland’s Breads of India on Clay Street begins August 25.

A little mughlai biryani or fish tikka, maybe a cocktail from the bar and a light comedy flick from India? This month’s four-course menu features old Delhi dishes and the movie Cheeni Kum (“Less Sugar”). $40 per person. 7 p.m.

Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2011
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Oakland Coliseum to open management bid

By awoodall

Competitors will have a chance to state their case for why they should manage the Oakland Coliseum instead of SMG, which has run operations there for 13 years.  Coliseum Authority commissioners voted during a board meeting this morning to issue an RFP after Trustee Desley Brooks pointed out that the coliseum, being a publicly owned facility, operates under the same contracting requirements as the City of Oakland. That means a request for proposals is mandatory unless the situation meets four exceptions. And none of those appear to come into play.
The interesting thing about that is whether the board and SMG have followed the contracting requirements for the past decade. I’ll update the story later but so far the opposition is Comcast subsidiary Global Spectrum and AEG.

Posted on Friday, July 15th, 2011
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Must Read: Oakland coliseum board meeting

By awoodall

This belongs to the “better late than never category.” Tomorrow morning the Coliseum board will start the ball rolling on whether to extend the contract of SMG, the company that manages the complex – home to the Warriors, A’s and Raiders — or whether to open the job up to another company. AEG, which operates STAPLES Center is one of the companies interested in taking over.  Here’s the agenda. The contract with SMG expires June 2012. I’m not going to go into all the details about how the A’s tenancy is different from the Raiders’.  This story describes the basics of how the coliseum is organized.  It’s helpful to figuring out who’s who and cutting through the jargon.
What you need to know at a minimum tomorrow is that SMG is offering the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority $1.5 million to extend its contract.  There’s going to be a sweetener no matter who gets the contract. And there might not have been any discussion at all since the county is not required to put out a bid for professional contracts, according to Chairman Ignacio De La Fuente. (I had thought any kind of contract required a request for proposals.)  So tomorrow the board will either send coliseum staff to the negotiating table to come up with a contract extension for SMG, which will be voted on at a future meeting. Or, the board can ask staff to prepare a request for proposals and circulate it to companies who might want to take over.  One of them, like I said is AEG, who recently sent a letter of interest to the board, AEG spokesman Michael Roth said. He said he didn’t have details on what AEG offered.
Either way, the board won’t vote on the extension tomorrow.

Posted on Thursday, July 14th, 2011
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A tree for tree’s sake in Oakland?

By awoodall

A second-hand email landed on my desk about the plan by Highland Hospital to cut down about three dozen trees on 14th Ave as part of the construction on the campus. There’s a meeting tonight 7 p.m. in the Highland cafeteria.  The trees are not endangered and do not house any endangered species. But you can judge for yourself how much of a “wooded transition” they offer. “Wooded transition” are words the Oakland Heritage Alliance used to describe their value. I just wanted to at least put out notice of the meeting, albeit late.

Trees along 14th Avenue

Trees along 14th Avenue

Posted on Thursday, July 14th, 2011
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Oakland wines headed to Hong Kong

By cburt

So it took a little digging, but I finally got the scoop on the Oakland wineries that provided bottles of wine for Oakland Mayor Jean Quan to take along on her trade mission to China.

She’s been handing out some bottles as gifts to dignitaries and business people, but the majority of the Oakland bottles will be uncorked for tasting Thursday at new California Vintage wine bar on Wyndham Street in Hong Kong. California Vintage is a business launched by a group of California wineries, including a couple from Alameda, but none from Oakland.

Quan is hoping that will change when she and Port of Oakland officials visit the business on the last day of the three-city trade mission to promote trade and business with China.

China is the largest client for U.S. agriculture, and the Port of Oakland handles about 90 percent of the California wine exports to China, which is a growing market for red wines. Quan said her group has been able to order California red wines in restaurants in Beijing, but there is fierce competition from Australia, Chile and France.

Wine is a growing business in Oakland too, where nine or so small urban wineries have sprouted in the past few years.  Of those, Urban Legend, JC Cellars, Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
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Mayor Quan hits the ground running in Beijing

By cburt

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan wasted no time reaching out to Chinese officials in Beijing when she landed there Saturday to embark on a three-city trade mission with Oakland City Council President Larry Reid, Port of Oakland Executive Director Omar Benjamin and other of the Port’s seaport and airport officials.

Quan met with the chairman of the HNA Group, which owns Hainan Airlines, hotels and other businesses. She wants to try and bring the airline to Oakland, and perhaps convince the company to build hotels and use Oakland as its hub for for foreign tourism to Northern California.

Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on Saturday, May 7th, 2011
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Oakland tire-slashing caper

By awoodall

The tire-slashing vandals struck again last night near High Street and Culver.  Residents are saying that the suspects hit cars along the entire block. That equals scores of tires. Hundreds counting Wednesday’s tire-slashing spree between Brookdale and Allendale. Thousands counting other cities in recent months.  As if people don’t have a hard enough time getting out of the door in the morning.

Posted on Thursday, April 29th, 2010
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Responses to AC Transit story (contains adult language)

By awoodall

Here is a smattering of the feedback to the AC Transit brawl story just over Facebook. My voicemail was nearly full. I didn’t want to write the story and it was not worth writing. But it’s goot to know what is lurking out there — racism, misogyny etc. — under the thin veil of civility. The funny thing is people are arguing that I am biased on both sides.

Rob Kiser February 20 at 9:35am

Blame the victim, why don’t you? The 67 year old white man was physically assaulted by the younger black man. It’s on the video. And yet, you blame the older man for the attack. The gall of some people. It would be different if it weren’t on video.

Rob Kiser February 20 at 9:37am

Also, you should get a new facebook photo. This one looks like you’re recovering from a bad acid trip in the Black Rock Desert.

Brandon Livingston

“yeah, like the media and its anti-white bias. you pathetic, worthless swine. ”
“I read your biased article, Angela. You and the American mass media are pathetic. You made it look like Bruso made unprovoked racial slurs and made the worthless subhuman who attacked him to be the sweet, innocent victim. Did you even watch the video? You said nothing of that fat ugly sow Iyanna Washington’s encouragement of racial violence, or the theft of Bruso’s bag. Do your superiors encourage you to write articles biased against whites, or are you just overcome with self-hate from movies and history class?
If I read that some pack animals attacked you on a bus with provocation, I would think that would be poetic justice. ”

Ben Milne:
“You’re a fucking bitch, that nigger deserved every bit of what he got.”
“Not only did that guy deserve every bit of what he got, it had nothing to do with race you biased ass.

Further, I think you will find its because a lot of people take public trans and see this sorta thing all the time, so it hits home to them. And its great to see one of those retards get their due.

Your artice was so biased its not funny. How could you see the same thing as everyone else and end up that far off… your bias is just sad”

Artie Chaffin February 19 at 11:57pm

I just finished reading your article regarding Vietnam Tom and the fight on the bus. I’m very curious why you go into such detail regarding what Tom said and did, yet sum up the racial and threatening comments made by the black guy as “ordering.” Did you happen to even watch the video? The man clearly curses and threatens the old guy for over a minute. Then he goes to the front of the bus to get away and still gets harassed by the guy. You clearly failed to mention any of that in your report. Have you everwondered why nobody believes in what reporters or journalists write about anymore? It because of pieces like yours that blatantly remove facts from a situation that people can clearly see and hear by watching a video. A video is not up to interpretation when there is sound. Please watch again, turn the sound up, look at your story and see just how pathetic of a job was done.

Ben Milne February 19 at 6:22pm

Why did you try to destroy the legacy of Epic Beard Man?

Ashlee Sullivan February 19 at 12:56pm

I feel that you incorrectly reported part of how this situation unfolded. You wrote that Bruso incensed the man by asking how much to have him spit shine his shoes. In the original video the man openly admits when asked, that he did walk by Bruso and said “Whys a brother gotta spit shine a mans shoes?”. Bruso mistook the mans instigation as an offer and even states his interest in the offer was because of a funeral he would be attending the next day. Bruso also attempted to clarify his mistake by saying “It doesn’t matter, you could be a chinaman, I’m not prejudice.”. Also he attempts to ask the man “Why are you so hostile?”.
Why were these things left out of your reporting of the situation? It seems a bit biased because of the fact Bruso has a past video. After watching the video it is obvious that even if Bruso has a short fuse, he was harassed a good deal before the argument became violent. When it did become violent, he was not the initiator of violence. Regardless of this mans past, He was not the one who started the argument. He even endured several threats of physical violence from the other man, which you also left out. I think these things are important to address, I would appreciate it if the events were more clearly reported as they actually unfolded, instead of what just sounds better when read.


Samuel Charowsky February 19 at 9:16am

Did you watch the video? If you did you’d know what really happened. While its not in it, you can tell from Bruso’s tone he thought that the black man offered to shine his shoes. You can deduce that Thomas probably had his foot in the area of the black man and the punk said something sarcastically like “You want me to shine your shoes?” then when Bruso asked how much got defensive.

After continued rudeness from the younger one, Bruso acted like the bigger man and walked away from the fight only to have Mr Uppity continue to talk shit like the tough guy he thought he was. This went on back and forth until finally the black guy walked up to the front of the bus, assaulted Bruso, and then proceeded to get his ass handed to him in a legally sound proceeding.

Now I don’t know what video you watched, if any, but if you watched that one then you’d know the ghetto punk had what was coming to him. The dumbass continued to talk shit even after getting his face pounded in. Maybe next time you’ll do your research or stop kissing the african populations ass, doubt it.

Gary O’Donnell February 19 at 2:37am

Oh and he doesnt name himself ”Epic Beard Man”, it was a named conned for him by 4chan/ebaumsworld

Gary O’Donnell February 19 at 2:36am

You’re very biased on your http://www.insidebayarea.com/oaklandtribune/localnews/ci_14429686

not one newspaper account the fact that the girl filming shouted ” say it again pinky” and ” beat his white ass”

to be thats racial hatred and also wanting a fight to happen! adding fuel to the fire, plus at the end she clearly steals the bag, and if you would do some research and go on her youtube account, look at the first comments for her apology response, she clearly states she ” wanted the black guy to win because of slavery”

Joey Neeley February 18 at 7:09pm

Your article about epic beard man doesn’t say anything about the stupid fuckin black chick that stole his bag…..wtf?

Posted on Saturday, February 20th, 2010
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By awoodall

For days I have been running back and forth reporting stories on everything from mortgage loan modification software to a Cambodian Buddhist temple coup, and from TheatreFIRST’s upcoming show to the murder of Dewey Tucker, bassist for among others Lauryn Hill, The Coup, Kev Choice and Goapele. (Story will is on hold until Saturday online. In the Trib Sunday. Not totally sure why.)  Busy week. Then today the news popped up that Lorenzo Hoopes, who is pro-Prop 8, is a candidate for the Paramount Theatre’s board of directors. The way it popped up in my e-mail: “WTF. Dellums wants to appoint leader of local pro-Prop 8 campaign to Paramount Theater Board. Opposition mounting on Facebook.”
The “Paramount — No place for Homophobia” Facebook page (Sean Sullivan) explains the arrangement better. But just so there is no other mistake: Dellums cannot appoint anyone to the Paramount board.

Posted on Friday, January 15th, 2010
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