A blogger. Wow. This is a quite a haul from my summer job at my hometown Oregon newspaper, The Dead Mountain Echo, where I wrote stories on a typewriter and earned 25 cents a column inch. Al Gore hadn’t yet invented the Internet and no editor ever asked me to produce an on-line flash presentation complete with audio.

I envision this blog as an extension of my weekly column and daily news offerings, a place where readers will find extra tidbits on local politics, Web links to just-released reports and anything else that strikes me as interesting or relevant.

I hope to explore serious policy issues with readers but I intend to have fun, too. I try not to take myself or politics too seriously. Politicians are all too human and there’s nothing that says we can’t have a laugh or two at their expense!

So, join me and don’t be afraid to add your comments. Like most people, I’m a work in progress and I want to hear your perspective.