Enviros strike Pombo again

The Sierra Club slammed Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, in two mailers and a radio ad that hit the airwaves and mailboxes Friday in San Joaquin County.

It’s the latest in a series of anti-Pombo campaign efforts by national environmental groups.

One mailer reads “Vote Against Big Oil. Vote Against Pombo.” The other reads “Republican Teddy Roosevelt stood up to Standard Oil. Republican Richard Pombo sold out to big oil.” (Check out the ads.)

The Roosevelt comment refers to Congress’ move in the early 1900s to break up the Standard Oil monopoly after its owners engaged in blatant price fixing in order to run competitors out of business.

Some of the successor companies in the Standard Oil breakup have contributed considerable sums of money to Pombo’s re-election campaigns over the years.

Whether or not you believe Pombo sold out to energy interests, of course, depends on what you believe are appropriate uses of public lands.

Enviros vehemently oppose Pombo’s efforts to open up the Arctic National Wilderness Area and the Outer Continental Shelf to oil drilling. Pombo also believes that some federally owned land should be available for mining and that surplus public property should be sold for private use.

Interestingly, the Sierra Club doesn’t say who to vote for; just not to vote for Pombo.

We’ll find out next week whether the conservative voters of this district follow the environmentalists’ advice.