The governor is coming to Antioch

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Antioch Thursday morning as part of his “Protecting the California Dream” tour, the name he has given his re-election campaign.

He’ll be at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in Antioch at 10 a.m.

The guv is also expected to say some really nice things about Arne Simonsen, the Antioch city councilman running for Assembly District 11.

We can read the signs already, “Arnie’s for Arne!”

Not that such a link is a big political stretch. They are both fiscal conservatives and social liberals.

But Schwarzenegger is a serious contender and Simonsen, well, he’s got a lot of weight to lift if he expects to win. Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one in Assembly District 11.

He will face Contra Costa County Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier, who beat out three challengers Tuesday for the Democratic nomination.