Enviros score at the polls, cite DeSaulnier and Corbett wins

The California League of Conservation Voters reports today that it won 90 percent of the races where it endorsed candidates.

Enviros worried going into the June primary because many of the state lawmakers it counts among its solid votes were on the verge of terming out, particularly in the Senate where the potential loomed for a loss of seven reliable green votes. Instead, the league only lost three.

“Some erosion (in the Senate) did occur, but it was minimal,” wrote the CLCV. “We lost fewer good votes in the Senate than we could have.”

The league is especially happy with the results in Senate District 10, where Ellen Corbett beat John Dutra in a surprise win. The league has battled Dutra, a former assemblyman who helped lead the so-called “Mod Squad” that successfully killed some of its pet bills in past legislative sessions. (The Mod Squad is a coalition of moderate members of both parties.)

The league joined with other liberal groups and spent tens of thousands of dollars on independent expenditures in support of Corbett’s candidacy.

League leaders also say they will have a more reliable Assembly stable with the election of people such as Contra Costa County Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier in District 11 in Contra Costa County. He beat Pittsburg School Board Trustee Laura Canciamilla, wife of termed-out Assemblyman Joe Canciamilla, D-Pittsburg.

Joe Canciamilla is also a leading member of the “Mod Squad” and has been the target of the league’s ire for several years. They sent out anti-Canciamilla mailers to his constituents in the past. During the primary, they spent money in support of DeSaulnier’s candidacy.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen