Blogs banned from state workers’ computers

Hey, political blogs are educational, right?

Not in Kentucky, apparently. State officials banned this week political blogs from their workers’ computers as part of a wider crackdown on unnecessary Internet surfing.

Okay. We don’t want public employees visiting sites unrelated to their jobs. We pay them to work, not shop or book their summer vacations. (Do sports scores count?)

But the timing is a tad suspicious.

According to the Lexington-Herald, Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s administration blocked “state employees’ access to many Web logs a day after a prominent political “blogger” was critical of the governor in a New York Times story.” The state contracts with an outside company, whose software prohbits access to sites deemed nonessential for the purposes of conducting state business.

Not that I’m on the public payroll, but let’s hope no one around here looks to see how many times I check out the shoe sale page at Zappos.com.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen