“Nurses Vs. Arnold” movie premiere

A documentary about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s struggle with California nurses in the 2005 election premieres Thursday.

After the governor imprudently told nurses publicly he was going to “kick their butts,” the nurses successfully beat down the governor’s efforts to reverse nurse-to-patient ratios and pass ballot measures unfriendly to labor.

The Bay Area premiere will take place Thursday, Aug. 24, 7 p.m., at the Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Ave., in Oakland.

The film is also serving as a campaign tool for the California Nurses Association’s Proposition 89, a November ballot measure that would establish voluntary public financing of campaigns.

The association says it sponsored Prop. 89 as an antidote to the current campaign finance system, which they say gives corporations too much access to and power over the incumbents.

Called the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, it sets tighter limits on contributions from unions, corporations and individuals. It bars contributions from professional lobbyists and state contractors and calls for prison time for candidates who break the law.

Opponents call the initiative phony reform at the taxpayers’ expense. To read their arguments, visit www.noprop89.org.

The proponents’ web site is www.Yeson89.org.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen