National campaign cash tops $1 billion

With eight weeks still to go before the mid-term election, PoliticalMoneyLine reports today that campaign contributions to federal candidates, PACs, political parties and 527 committees has topped $1 billion.

Which state has the most generous donors?

Why, California, of course. The Golden State has long been the ATM of campaign finances.

Here’s what www.fecinfo.com had to say:

“Donors giving in excess of $200 to any federal candidates, PACs, political parties and national Section 527 organizations have given $1,162,157,298 so far in the 2005-2006 election cycle. This covers donations from January 1, 2005 generally through June 30, 2006, although some committees have filed reports covering July and August.

“Donors with a California address made the state number one with $138.7 million donated. New York donors gave $124.7 million. Florida donors have given $73.3 million. Texas donors have given $72.8 million. Donors in the District of Columbia have given $59.3 million.

“Sixth in state rankings of donations is Virginia with $54.8 million. Pennsylvania donors have given $50.3 million. Illinois donors have given $47.2 million. New Jersey donors have given $41.4 million. Ohio donors have given $34 million.

“A complete listing is available in PoliticalMoneyLine’s Donor Geography database of all state totals, as well as breakdowns of how much donors with a certain state address have given to any House candidates, Senate candidates, Presidential candidates, PACs, party committees, and Section 527 committees. “

Lisa Vorderbrueggen